Future Focus Corporate Plan

Council’s Strategic Directions & Action Plan 2014 – 2018

Council’s strategic goals are carried out in good governance, giving our residents confidence that the Town is well-managed, forward-looking and responsible. The Future Focus Plan is all about Council and staff making decisions that benefit the public, being objective and not favouring one public or private group over another.

Breaking it down

Roads, Transportation and Traffic

  • Continue deliberate and purposeful planning resulting in improved road conditions, travel options, safety and convenience.
  • Carry on implementation of the Roads Rationalization Review.
  • Participate in processes to establish more efficient truck access to the escarpment.
  • Complete a speed assessment for our rural road network.
  • Develop, with the Region, strategies to manage truck safety and speed, including a report on the impact of truck traffic on the community.
  • Support Regional transportation initiatives.
  • Develop and implement a sidewalk program making Lincoln more pedestrian friendly.


  • Create and encourage active and engaged dialogue with the community.
  • Develop and implement a Corporate Communications Strategy to provide a structure for how the Town can best communicate with citizens and stakeholders.
  • Maximize the use of technology and build upon the proliferation of social media and new digital media channels.
  • Examine needs and where necessary, update protocols for internal communication, such as employee updates and staff training.
  • Work effectively with other levels of government.

Economic Development

  • Build our economic capability by creating an investment-friendly environment, securing our economic future and improving the quality of life for our residents.
  • Partner with other levels of government to establish Lincoln as a “Centre of Excellence for Agriculture”.
  • Promote development of downtown business districts making them “market ready”.
  • Pursue opportunities to support current investment, attract new businesses, and research and development with private and public sector entities.

Cultural Planning

  • Develop a comprehensive Cultural Plan to guide how we bring people together in a civil, caring community where we can thrive collectively. 
  • Set out a strategy to identify, recognize and promote the health and vitality of local culture groups.
  • Attract investment and creative talent through growing local business, boosting tourism and enhancing community image.
  • Complete the Jordan Museum grounds Master Plan including implementation options.

Customer Service

  • Strive to be known by citizens for a positive and high quality service-centered culture.
  • Develop a Customer Service Strategy to make excellent customer service part of the corporate culture.
  • Review current delivery of customer service.
  • Identify customer service standards for Council and staff to provide a roadmap for the organization. 

If you wish to access a copy of the Future Focus Plan, please email your request to: info@lincoln.ca 

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