Greenbelt Position Paper

Summary of The Greenbelt Position Paper

Breaking it down


  • The Provincial Government released two important plans: its plan for the Greenbelt, and the Rural Plan.

  • Both of these plans have significant implications for the Town of Lincoln, and speak to the future of our community.
  • The Town of Lincoln lies almost entirely within the greenbelt area established in the Niagara Region, under the “specialty crop” designation.
  • As a result, the Town is prohibited from expanding its urban boundaries. 

The Challenge for Lincoln:

  • With the inability to expand urban boundaries, Lincoln must continue to rely on a very small tax-base.
  • Winery related agri-tourism is growing at a rapid pace each year which changes traffic patterns in the Town substantially.
  • This increase in traffic on rural roads puts significant pressure on Lincoln's rural infrastructure. 
  • Already, the Wine Route alone is in need of repair; 76% of this bill would be paid for by urban taxpayers and 3% by the agricultural community.
  • This investment is critical, but unaffordable for the Town and its residents. 

Proposed Solution: 

  • It is important that we work together with the Province, to recognize that Lincoln is not a typical rural town.
  • Our unique circumstances will require a partnership with the Province if the goals of the greenbelt strategy and the Rural Plan are to be met in our Town. 
  • With a creative funding approach that recognizes the special circumstances of this permanent greenbelt community and its overwhelmingly rural character with intense infrastructure pressures, we can achieve our common vision of a rural community supporting the greenbelt strategy and using tourism as a key economic driver for the future.

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