Routes & Schedules

Routes and Schedules

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Specific Route Maps & Schedules

There are three routes, each starts at the Fleming Centre which serves as the transit hub for the system. See specific route maps and schedules below. 

Route 931 - Beamsville South
(Formerly 'Route 1')

Operates south of the Fleming Centre, servicing the Eldelheim/Albright Centre, Beamsville Medical Centre, and the No Frills Plaza.

Route 932 - Beamsville North 
(Formerly 'Route 2')

Operates north of the Fleming Centre, servicing the Lincoln Medical Centre, Sobeys Plaza, GO Bus, Industrial Centre, and the Golden Horseshoe Estate. 

Route 933 - Vineland/Jordan 
(Formerly 'Route 3')

Operates east of the Fleming Centre, servicing the Queen Manor, Heritage Community,  Foodland Centre, and Jordan Village. 

Travelling outside of Lincoln

For residents seeking to travel outside of Lincoln for work or pleasure or for visitors to come to Lincoln, uLinc connects to Route 12 of the GO bus service. Please note GO bus is a fee-for-service.

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