Centre of Excellence for Agriculture

Centre of Excellence for Agriculture

On May 6, 2016 an event co-hosted by the Town of Lincoln and Niagara College was held with key participation from VRIC, Brock, OMAFRA as well as the technology and industry itself entitled “The Road to Defining a Centre of Excellence for Agriculture & Food serving the sector in Niagara and beyond.”

The goals of the session were to share information from key players within the sector to begin a dialogue and process of determining key ingredients to a successful Centre of Excellence.

  • Niagara identified with economic locational quotient for agriculture and food of 6.3 – this means an economic capacity from this sector that is 630% higher than average
  • Centre of Excellence strives to define the potential of this sector toward realizing it through actions and investments, and, to determine gaps and barriers to reach that potential

Lincoln’s focus:

  • Identify infrastructure initiatives to support Lincoln’s agriculture sector/cluster & prioritize e.g., Irrigation Strategy
  • Collaborate with Niagara Region on key provincial Ministry meetings
  • Develop an agri-food sector growth plan in concert with municipal leaders
  • Partner with Niagara-based companies
  • A MOU for research with Brock University
  • Holland delegation to observe innovation in agri-business, Innovation Quarter & application to developing local model
  • Identifying opportunities to align with federal and provincial innovation clusters that support investment in local communities for business/research led innovation, specifically agri-food


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