Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

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We are in the final stages of developing a long-range transportation plan to help plan for people moving, goods moving and to connect you to where you need to go. Help shape the future of transportation in Lincoln!

Provide your input at your own convenience - we have launched an interactive online tool to make it easy and fun for you to participate in the planning process. 


The Town of Lincoln is developing our first long-term (20+ years) Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The plan will help to define and achieve the future transportation vision i.e. how we will move around the Town in a safe, comfortable, enjoyable and efficient way.

The TMP is being developed by Town staff with support from the Niagara Region, the Town's active transportation committee, stakeholders and our community - the people who live, work and play within the Town. 

The TMP was launched in September 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

There are four (4) key transportation topics that will be addressed as part of the TMP:

  1. Roads
  2. Walking and cycling
  3. Goods movement
  4. Transit

The technical elements of the TMP include:

  • Predicted network growth and travel demands including known development impacts (Prudhomme's, future intensification areas, etc.)
  • Go Hub Study integration (i.e. the future vision for the Ontario Street and Greenlane corridors)
  • Future traffic flow management strategies (i.e. collector road rationalization)
  • Town and Regional corridor and intersection assessments (i.e. signals)
  • Truck traffic management plan and escarpment crossing strategies
  • Active Transportation Masterplan (pedestrian, cycling and trail networks)
  • Transit opportunities
  • “Complete Streets” policy development
  • Traffic Calming policy development
  • On-Street parking policy and by-law evaluations

The full overview of the TMP and resident and visitor engagement is available on the project website

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