Mayor's Message - Council Connection October 2019

Mayor's Message

Council Connection - October 2019

The 2020 municipal budget process is well underway at the Town of Lincoln, as council and staff work together to consider needed capital investments and allocate appropriate resources for high-quality public services and our long-term strategic plan.

Most importantly, our decision-making process is rooted in a shared goal to be accountable to the taxpayers of our municipality. As your elected representatives, we recognize the trust you have placed in us to make the appropriate decisions to deliver efficient, effective and modern services that best meet the unique needs of our community.

The Town of Lincoln's long-term community vision as A Place to Grow, A Place to Prosper, A Place to Belong, is the benchmark for all our budgeting decisions, and we remain focused on providing value for the taxpayers of Lincoln.

It has been said ‘don’t tell me your values, show me your budget and I will tell you your values’. If you want to build a house to withstand the test of time, you need to follow a blueprint. The same can be said when building a community. To build it properly, to build it strong, to build it to last, you need a strategic plan that spans over multiple years.

This is why our annual budget process is so important. We have a serious list of pre-planned work that needs to get done, set out over a number of budget cycles. This is all based on data and planning work done by both Council and staff.

To maintain our goals, the condition of our assets, and the provision of quality public services, we need sound analysis, data, and commitment to stay the course. The budget is not just a budget. The budget is a business plan to achieve strategic goals, deliver mandated services, implement recommendations from approved Master Plans, and provide operational resources.

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara, the decisions we make now, and our commitment to stand true to our strategic direction is paying dividends and will pay dividends for decades to come.

I welcome anyone with an interest in the budget process to attend an upcoming meeting. Our capital budget was presented to council on Oct. 30, and deliberations continue Nov. 13, 2019, when the operational budget is introduced. The timeline for our 2020 budget process is available online. We expect to ratify the 2020 budget on Dec. 16, 2019.

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