New Museum & Cultural Centre Project

New Museum & Cultural Centre Project

Project Start Date: Spring 2019

Expected Completion Date: Summer 2020

Project Overview

Construction of a new single-story museum and cultural centre approximately 8,400 total gross sq. ft. on the site of the old museum with renewed pedestrian access across the historic site to the Twenty Mile Creek. Full details are available in the project background.

    Project Progress (May - October 2019)

    • Prior to excavation, pre-construction condition assessments were completed for the Fry house, schoolhouse and neighbouring properties to the north and south of the site  
    • The site is closed to the public including the stairs to Twenty Valley and the trail access via Bailey Bridge parking lot
    • First building inspection completed – soil, rebar, footings and foundation
    • Footing and foundation complete
    • Foundation waterproofing
    • Underground services
    • Backfilling around the exterior of the building

    Progress Photo Gallery


    Project Milestones & Progress

    • Fencing around the site reconfigured completed

      Completion date: August 20, 2019

    • Site preparations and clearing completed

      Completion date: August 22, 2019

    • Construction trailer onsite completed

      Completion date: August 22, 2019

    • Water & sewer connections completed

      Completion date: September 10, 2019

    • Site excavation for the footings and foundation completed

      Completion date: September 30, 2019

    • Footings and foundation

      Target completion: end of September

    • Underground hydro connections by NPEI

      Target completion: late October - early November

    • Main floor core slab installed

      Target completion: mid-November

    • Exterior walls, structural steel roof & windows

      Target completion: December-February 

    Project Team:

    • Shannon McKay, B.A., PMP, Director, Community Services
    • Sean Jackson, PMP, C.Tech., Project Manager
    • David Warden, Manager of Facilities
    • Matt Bruder, MCIP, RPP, Associate Director of Planning and Development
    • Walter Neubaur, CET, Manager – Technical Services
    • Sylvia Beben, Events & Programs Facilitator
    • Lisa Mercier, Museum Curator
    • Consultants:
      • Paul Sapounzi, Lead Partner, +VG The Ventin Group Architects
      • Travis Forrest, Associate Partner, Project Manager, +VG The Ventin Group Architect

    Contact Information: 

    Sean Jackson, Project Manager, email or call 905-563-2799 ext. 258



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