Lincoln Turns 50!

Lincoln Turns 50!

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the the Town of Lincoln. In 1970, three communities came together to form Lincoln - Louth Township, Clinton Township, & Beamsville. Since then, we have become a community of communities to include Jordan, Vineland, Beamsville, Campden, Tintern & Rockway.

This year, to mark this important occasion, the Town is excited to celebrate & showcase our community through our many upcoming community events, culture & arts activities & beautification of our common spaces. It’s our year-long birthday and we invite you to join!

In every community, its history, its sense of belonging, is its people. To kick off this year's celebrations at the New Year's Levee, we launched a video of residents who shared various stories of what made them come to Lincoln, made them stay in Lincoln, made them do business in Lincoln.

Watch the Video :

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For businesses or community organizations interested in using the celebratory logo, wanting to promote a 50thanniversary community event, or find out how to get involved, please contact our planning committee via email

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