Media Release - Town of Lincoln Approves Master Plan Focused on Digital Service Delivery

Media Release - Town of Lincoln Approves Master Plan Focused on Digital Service Delivery

Lincoln, ON - (Sept. 16, 2020) – The Town of Lincoln is working to become a leader in digital service delivery.

At their Sept. 15 meeting, Council approved the Town’s first ever Corporate Systems Master Plan which provides a vision for digital delivery of effective and efficient services to the community. The plan includes leveraging integrated technologies to enable high-quality and convenient customer service and improved operational efficiency. Council first reviewed and adopted the Plan on Sept. 8 at Committee and ratified it yesterday so that implementation and execution can begin.

 “We believe that technology is key to driving customer service improvements and enabling our Town to operate in an effective and efficient manner,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “This plan is one of the most exciting decision points that our Council has made over the past number of years.”

$725,000 in Municipal Modernization Program funding

To work toward this vision, the Town of Lincoln will use a $725,000 grant it received through the Government of Ontario’s Municipal Modernization Program, aimed at helping small and rural municipalities increase their capacity to plan, modernize and improve the way they provide services.

“We are grateful for the support we’ve received from our provincial government at this important time,” said Councillor Mike Mikolic, chair of the General Business & Finance Committee. “This funding will allow us to implement technologies that will drive service delivery efficiencies that will immensely benefit our residents and businesses.”

The master plan was developed with the support of IT consulting firm, Perry Group Consulting, with input from Council, residents, the business community and Town staff, as well as benchmarking from other municipal service delivery models. This vision focuses on key areas, including:

Offering convenient, efficient digital services for residents and businesses, which include self-serve options and opportunities for engagement with the Town.

Providing modern tools to enable staff to simplify and automate processes and improve collaboration and efficiency.

Investing in mobile technology for field and remote working opportunities and in training and tools to leverage data and analytics for smarter decision-making.

“This is the start of a strategy that will position the Town of Lincoln with a well-deserved reputation for using technology to digitally interact with our residents, businesses and partnering agencies,” said Michael Kirkopoulos, the Town of Lincoln’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Our leadership team recognizes that in today’s society, there is no difference between digital customer service and customer service.”


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Michael Kirkopoulos
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Lincoln
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