Media Release - 27 tickets issued during truck safety enforcement in Town of Lincoln

Media Release - 27 tickets issued during truck safety enforcement in Town of Lincoln

Lincoln, ON – (Oct. 16, 2020) – 27 provincial offence tickets were issued to commercial vehicle drivers, owners and companies during a multi-jurisdictional enforcement project in the Town of Lincoln on Oct. 14.

The operation was in response to recent collision investigations and Town of Lincoln employees and community members’ concerns regarding the hazards of commercial motor vehicles passing through Lincoln.

The team consisted of the Niagara Regional Police Traffic Enforcement Unit commercial vehicle enforcement officer, eight district uniform officers, the Halton Regional Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit and Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) officers.

Commercial motor vehicles of concern were directed to the Lincoln Town Yard for vehicle safety inspections. Police and MTO officers inspected for unsafe conditions, load security, over weight issues, vehicle maintenance, dangerous goods being transported, log books, daily inspection records and proper licence classes. They inspected 53 vehicles, including those at the Vineland MTO scales and vehicles that were suspected to be passing around the MTO scales.

“The Town of Lincoln takes truck traffic safety seriously. This project is part of our ongoing effort to reduce and mitigate truck traffic to decrease road congestion and improve community health and safety,” says Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “This enforcement initiative was a result of community concerns and we remain committed to ongoing efforts to address downtown truck traffic.”

Highlights of Wednesday’s enforcement operation:

  • 17 out of service violations were reported, with vehicles having multiple violations
  • 4 vehicles had their licence plates removed and were given an ‘UNFIT’ status
  • 7 vehicles had cargo/load security violations
  • 4 drivers failed to do a daily inspection of their vehicle
  • 2 drivers had the wrong licence class for the truck they were operating
  • 7 vehicles were overweight, with the highest being 3,200 kg. over
  • 3 vehicles were being operated in an unsafe manner


For more information, please contact:

Michael Kirkopoulos
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Lincoln
Direct: 905-563-2799 ext. 268
Tel: 905-563-8205
Cell: 905-321-5894

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