Media Release: Town of Lincoln participates in a Project Avoidance Traffic Safety Blitz

Media Release: Town of Lincoln participates in a Project Avoidance Traffic Safety Blitz


Lincoln, ON – (October 15, 2021) – The Town of Lincoln participated in a recent safety blitz known as Project Avoidance, which was conducted on the roadways in Lincoln.  Ministry of Transportation and Niagara Regional Police officers focused the recent patrol in the Town of Beamsville, with increased presence on westbound traffic that was bypassing the Vineland Commercial Vehicle Impound Facility onto municipal roads. 

Additionally, an increased volume of marked Ministry of Transportation cruisers in the core of Beamsville allowed for traffic stops to be visible to the public.  Upon the stopping of a vehicle and the decision that a full mechanical inspection was required, the vehicle was directed to the Vineland Commercial Vehicle Impound Facility for a full inspection to be conducted.

Ministry of Transportation and Niagara Regional Police officers patrolled the community to monitor where trucks may be bypassing the inspection station on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) between Vineland and Beamsville in Lincoln.

The statistics from the recent initiative include:

  • 39 CMVs stopped
  • 18 CMVs inspected
  • 39% of CMVs inspected were placed Out-Of-Service for various infractions
  • 3 Warnings were Issued
  • 13 Provincial Offence Notices were issued

“Community safety, inclusive of road safety and truck safety is a commitment the Town has made to our residents,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “The results of this recent truck safety blitz demonstrate our continued collaboration with our partners and the importance and promotion of traffic safety in Lincoln.”

“This initiative is possible due to the shared vision of the Town and our partners toward traffic safety in Lincoln and the Niagara Region,” said the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Michael Kirkopoulos. “Our goal is to raise awareness and address concerns related to traffic and truck safety and use these results to help us identify and shape solutions to keep our streets safe for our residents.”

The Town continues to implement traffic safety initiatives throughout the community, including Community Safety Zones, Pedestrian Crossovers, speedbumps and digital speed feedback signs.

For more details or to ask the Town a question about traffic safety in Lincoln, please visit the Town’s public engagement site, Speak Up Lincoln at

About Project Avoidance

Project Avoidance was developed in response to the Town of Lincoln’s request and through cooperation with the Niagara Regional Police (NRP), Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Halton Police Service and the Niagara Parks Police to conduct safety and compliance checks on commercial vehicles and/or trucks.

History of Project Avoidance in Lincoln

In April 2019, Lincoln Council approved a resolution regarding truck safety in Lincoln which addressed community concerns related to truck traffic and identified several action items to address the concerns. In the short term, the Beamsville Truck Bypass Route is planned to redirect truck traffic out of the downtown area of Beamsville and along Bartlett Road and Durham Road.

In the longer term, the Niagara Escarpment Crossing Project will be a new north-south truck route on Park Road (Bartlett Avenue) in Grimsby. This route supports the need identified in the Niagara Region Transportation Master Plan for a new north-south escarpment crossing linking the QEW with Highway 20 and will offset the implications of high commercial vehicle traffic travelling through urban and residential areas within the west Niagara communities of Lincoln and Grimsby.

The Town’s Transportation Master Plan developed comprehensive strategies for the movement of goods which requires ongoing partnership with the Niagara Region and other key agencies such as the Minister of Transportation and Niagara Region Police Services.


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