Media release: Town of Lincoln successfully addresses all of Council Priorities set out in Strategic Plan

Media release: Town of Lincoln successfully addresses all of Council Priorities set out in Strategic Plan


Lincoln, ON (June 7, 2022) – Town of Lincoln staff, led by Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michael Kirkopoulos and Senior Management Team, presented an update to the Committee of the Whole (COW) on June 6, 2022, regarding the 2019-2022 Council Priorities – Strategic Planning for a Future-Fit Lincoln. The Town is pleased to announce that all of Council’s priorities have been acted upon, either with short-term activities or long-term planning that can be built upon during the next term of Council.

At the start of this term of Council, Lincoln’s Mayor and Members of Council laid out their strategic vision to create a community that is Welcoming, Connected, Vibrant, and Resilient.

The Staff report and presentation to COW highlighted the key activities and initiatives undertaken by the Town to help achieve Council’s collective vision for the 2019-2022 term.  

Council’s strategic priorities for creating a Future-Fit Lincoln acted as a roadmap for staff to follow during this term of Council, to ensure Lincoln is a community that benefits all, through the delivery of high-value programs, services, and investments.

“I am very proud of our many achievements over the last few years that have directly supported these Council Priorities. Yesterday’s presentation was a report card to demonstrate accountability to the community whom we represent as a Council,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “While the COVID-19 pandemic posed many new challenges and obstacles for the municipality to overcome, Council and Staff have maintained a clear focus and delivered on the multitude of projects that have made our community better.” 

“From the recent opening of Rotary Park to the successful development of a business-friendly environment that has helped grow our local economy and create jobs, Lincoln has prospered these past four years despite the unprecedented global pandemic that has unsettled the world,” added Mayor Easton.

“The plan is a testament to both Council’s faith in staff to deliver on these priorities, and to our team of dedicated staff who are committed to serving Lincoln through their daily work,” said CAO Kirkopoulos. “This collective vision was the first of its kind for Lincoln and was co-created by Council to reflect the needs and desires of the community.”

Each of the four pillars is supported by four priority objectives and a set of supporting initiatives and projects for each. Through the next term of Council, staff will continue to build on the initiatives and achievements of the past four years to meet the changing needs of the Lincoln community.

Further information on the Council Priorities is available below through the links provided and the background section.

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Council Priorities: Pillars and Priority Objectives

Delivering on Council Priorities


Welcoming Community: To be a welcoming community for people, fresh ideas and businesses

The Town of Lincoln strives to create a welcoming environment that is open to fresh ideas and new perspectives; where residents and businesses participate fully in the social, cultural and economic life of the Town; and where people and businesses discover and identify our community as a desirable place to grow, prosper, and belong.

1.1 Improve social and economic inclusion

1.2 Become a talent magnet

1.3 Be a business-friendly environment

1.4 Open and transparent governance


Connected Community: To connect all of Lincoln – people, places and our natural landscapes

The Town of Lincoln is committed to intentionally and strategically building stronger socioeconomic links between and among people and places, both within Lincoln and beyond. We endeavour to build exceptional public places, while celebrating the character and charm of our unique community and preserving our natural landscapes.

2.1 Expand cultural and community initiatives

2.2 Integrated mobility and active transportation network

2.3 Balanced and diversified housing options

2.4 Intergovernmental leadership


Vibrant Community: To create a happy, healthy, prosperous community

As a community of neighbours and given our roots in agricultural excellence, we celebrate our history and are emboldened with a creative spirit that embraces the future. We strive to lead forward by sharing knowledge, ideas, resources, and investing in responsible community stewardship. We drive new economic opportunities through innovation and investment.

3.1 Be an engaged community

3.2 Cultivate agricultural excellence through support for innovation

3.3 Drive economic potential and community well-being

3.4 Become a top tourist destination


Resilient Community: To be intentional in building stronger community resilience

To strengthen our community’s response and adaptation to a wide array of future changes, the Town of Lincoln is committed to expanding and utilizing our available resources (people and assets) to prepare for, respond to, and move towards a more sustainable future. Our community-driven approach and progressive public policies are foundational to achieving our shared vision for Lincoln.

4.1 Promote a healthy and safe community

4.2 Champion environmental stewardship and smart growth

4.3 Adapt and respond to a changing climate

4.4 Responsible and sustainable financial management



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