Media Release: Town of Lincoln representatives advocate for community priorities at AMO 2022 Conference

Media Release: Town of Lincoln representatives advocate for community priorities at AMO 2022 Conference

Lincoln, ON - (Aug. 17, 2022) – A Town of Lincoln delegation participated in the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) 2022 Conference in Ottawa, Ontario from August 15 to 17, 2022. Every year, municipal representatives from Lincoln attend the conference to advocate for strategic priorities and discuss topics of high importance to the Lincoln community.

Mayor Sandra Easton, several members of Town Council and staff, and partners from neighbouring municipalities participated in dialogue with provincial ministers and MPPs, as part of our ongoing efforts to achieve the Town’s goals of sustainable growth and economic prosperity secured by investments in infrastructure and other important community-focused projects. These goals will support the community vision of a place to grow, a place to prosper, a place to belong for Lincoln residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

“While the AMO conference is an excellent opportunity to advocate for community priorities, these discussions happen year-round through our continued collaboration and dialogue with our partners at the province,” said Town of Lincoln’s Mayor Sandra Easton. “It has been three years since we’ve been able to have these discussions in person due to the pandemic, and we have truly relished the opportunity to discuss common priorities and themes that will make Lincoln and Niagara even more vibrant and thriving today and in the future.”

The Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Michael Kirkopoulos added: “Our government relations program and advocacy efforts with upper levels of government are anchored by our strategic plan that reflects the collective vision for a healthy and prosperous Lincoln community. Our partnerships and innovative approaches to funding models are some of the ways we can work towards realizing this community vision.”

The Town participated in various meetings to help raise awareness of Town priorities and to advocate for support for Lincoln’s various economic sectors.

Key priorities discussed were:

Clean Lakes & Shoreline Protection – Lake Ontario surrounds the northern boundaries of the Town of Lincoln. Many of Lincoln's lakeside residents and businesses are feeling the impacts of climate change on their properties. The Town is requesting for improvements to provincial regulations to promote green infrastructure/low-impact development on public and private property and support through the the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.

Jordan Lions Park RedevelopmentJordan Lions Park in the Town of Lincoln is a 17.98-acre park that includes an outdated arena, outdoor pool, plus baseball diamonds. The Town has plans to reimagine the park to include updated sport facilities and other recreational amenities. The Town would like to discuss potential funding opportunities to support this massive endeavour to ensure our residents have a modern park to enjoy.

Rittenhouse Reimagined (Proposed Library Infrastructure Project) – The Town of Lincoln prides itself in our extraordinary library services. Our branch library location at 4080 John Charles Blvd in Vineland needs to modernize to better meet the needs of our community and our local education system. The Town is requesting funding to support our library in Vineland to address space, accessibility, exterior features, and future needs of the branch.

QEW Fire Service Responses – The West Niagara Fire Service aims to provide high quality services at a low cost to Town of Lincoln and Town of Grimsby taxpayers. Currently the fire service covers all costs associated with calls occurring on the Provincial QEW Highway. The Town is requesting financial contributions to support emergency responses that occur within the QEW.

Truck Traffic and Safety Blitzes – The Town of Lincoln works closely with our partners at MTO to conduct safety blitzes of commercial vehicles that use our regional and municipal roadways. Many of these vehicles are attempting to bypass the weight station in Vineland, and we look forward to continuing this continued collaboration.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital – The Town of Lincoln participated in a joint delegation with Town of Grimsby and Township of West Lincoln to meet the new Minister of Health and thank them for the continued support and construction of the new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

Niagara Irrigation Project – Agriculture plays a crucial role in Niagara’s economy, food security and contributes over $1.4 billion to the Regional GDP. Despite the industry’s critical role in the economic and social well-being of Niagara businesses and residents, the ever-prevalent impacts of climate change have resulted in more frequent cycles of drought like conditions, posing a direct threat to food and economic security for the Region.

In 2017, the Niagara Peninsula Fruit and Vegetable Growers, with support from Ontario Tender Fruit Growers, Grape Growers of Ontario and the Niagara Region, developed a Niagara Irrigation Strategic Action Plan. The plan is based on a vision of all farms in Niagara having reliable access to irrigation water used efficiently and safely to sustain their productively. To move the strategic action plan forward however, further research and support is required to ensure the most efficient and suitable solution is identified.

Aggregate Sector - The Town’s delegation met with the Ontario Natural Resources and Forestry other Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities to discuss the aggregate sector. While we support the economics of this sector, we encouraged the province to support fair taxation and sustainable development.

As information becomes available regarding grants and funding received through the upper levels of government thanks to these advocacy efforts, the Town will share them with the community through our website,, social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and traditional media channels. The Town’s advocacy program is instrumental in creating positive impacts on the Lincoln community both in the short and long term.

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