Niagara Adapts

Niagara Adapts

Niagara Adapts is a partnership designed to build innovative climate solutions right here in Niagara. By leveraging resources and expertise from seven municipalities in the Niagara region and Brock University’s Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, the partnership supports collaborative climate change adaptation assessment, planning and implementation.

Niagara Adapts in Lincoln


Lincoln has been witness to increased severe weather events, including flooding, strong winds, and droughts. Climate change adaptation planning is critical in building a resilient community.  Ongoing severe weather impacts a community's ability to be prosperous. Ongoing damage to infrastructure, natural and built, is costly for municipalities impacting ongoing efforts to remain affordable for our taxpayer base. 

Through the Niagara Adapts initiative, Lincoln will:

  • Benefit from expertise from municipalities and Brock University
  • Build opportunities for innovative approaches to climate change adaptation
  • Develop public policy built on sound evidence 

Building these relationships across sectors strengthens a community's ability for responsiveness.  

Lincoln is excited to be part of Niagara Adapts as it will build a collective think thank to continue our path of developing a sustainable and livable community.

Niagara Adapts at Brock University

Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Lincoln 

In February 2019, Lincoln was granted $125,000 in funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’, Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, funded by the Government of Canada.  

Lincoln's Climate Change Coordinator, hired through the funding, is dedicated to activities supporting the research and development of a climate adaptation plan. The plan will look at all Town-owned infrastructure (e.g., sewers, watermain, storm systems, roads, buildings and facilities) as well as shoreline protection.

Over the next two years, there will be opportunity for stakeholders and residents to play a role in the development of the Town's plan. 


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