Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee


The Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee (JAAC) shall advise and assist the Town in promoting and facilitating a barrier-free municipality for citizens of all abilities (universal accessibility), including persons with disabilities.  This aim shall be achieved through the review of municipal policies, programs, and services and the identification, removal, and prevention of barriers faced by persons with disabilities.

About the JAAC

Together with Council, the JAAC shares a commitment to facilitate the identification and removal of barriers to people with disabilities, promoting equal opportunities to citizens of all abilities.

  • A partnership between six partner communities in the Niagara Region including: Lincoln, Grimsby, Pelham, West Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Thorold
  • Prepares Accessibility Plans for all partner municipalities that include recommendations that were identified by numerous facility and policy audits
  • Meets regularly to deliberate and discuss solutions to accessibility barriers


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