Official Plan

The Official Plan

The Official for the Town of Lincoln was adopted by Council on July 7, 2014 and as approved by Niagara Region, with modifications, on April 30, 2015, as further approved by the Ontario Municipal Board with modifications on November 18, 2016. Hard copies are available  through the Planning department. 


The Official Plan sets out the long term vision for the future. The Official Plan contains goals, objectives and policies to guide future land use, physical development, growth and change within the Town. 

The Official Plan addresses issues such as:

  • Where agricultural, residential, institutional, recreational, commercial and industrial uses can be located
  • What areas must be protected
  • What services such as watermain, sewers and roads will be needed
  • When and in what order parts of the community will grow
  • What policies, regulations and rules apply

Most recent additions and changes to the Official Plan include:

  • Provision of policies to support, promote and sustain the farm community to support value added agriculture.
  • Updated policies to bring them into conformity with Provincial policies including the 2005 Greenbelt Plan, the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement, 2006 Places to Grow Plan.
  • Updated policies to bring the plan info conformity with the Regional Official Plan.
  • Updated environmental policies to address the requirements of the Greenbelt Natural Heritage System and how they can be balanced with supporting agriculture.

The Official Plan includes the text of the Plan and the text of all amendments to the Plan that have been given final approval as November 2016. The text of the Official Plan is provided for convenience only and should be read in conjunction with all of the Schedules. A hard copy of the Official Plan which includes all the Schedules is available from the Planning and Development Department. A complete copy of the Official Plan can be purchased for $60.

The Official Plan consists of ten parts as follows:

Full Plan (consolidated: December 2018)

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Agricultural Area Land Use

Part 3 Urban Area Land Use Policies (updated: December 2018)

Part 4 Environmental & Water Management Resource Policies

Part 5 Economic Strategy

Part 6 Transportation

Part 7 Municipal Servicing

Part 8 Community Design Guidelines

Part 9 Administration

Part 10 Definitions


Schedule A

Schedule A1

Schedule A2

Schedule A3

Schedule A4

Schedule A5

Schedule B1

Schedule B2

Schedule C1

Schedule C2

Schedule C3

Schedule C4

Schedule C5

Schedule D1

Schedule D2

Schedule D3

Schedule D4

Schedule D5

Schedule E1

Schedule E2

Schedule E3

Schedule E4

Schedule E5








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