Parks, Recreation, Culture

Grant Opportunities

Applications are being accepted until Feb. 10, 2020

Grant Opportunities 

The Town of Lincoln currently has two opportunities for community groups to apply for funding projects, initiatives, and events. Each funding opportunity has specific criteria to which organizations must meet. Review each of the policies & criteria prior to filling out the applications. 

Drop-in Programs

Drop-in Programs

The drop in recreation programs are closed for the summer of 2019.  Updated information about the 2020 season will be available in the 2020 Spring/Summer Playbook in February 2020.


For more information, please email our recreation coordinators. 

Grow Prosper Belong Community Fund

Grow Prosper Belong Community Fund

The Grow Prosper Belong Community Fund provides financial assistance for events, projects, and/or programs with an identified start-up and completion date.

The event/project/program must be held in the year the grant is awarded. Project funding allows community groups to be eligible for up to a maximum of 50% of the total costs of the event/project/project.


The application period is now open until Feb. 10, 2020. 

Parks, Recreation, & Culture Master Plan

Say How You Play - Parks, Recreation, & Culture Master Plan

The Town of Lincoln is developed a Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan to guide decisions over the next ten years. Through research and public input, the Master Plan examines service levels in all communities across the Town and establish priorities. The Plan confirms program, service and facility needs and will identify provision strategies to assist with implementation.

Specifically, the Master Plan includes the following:

Lincoln Rerooted

Lincoln Rerooted

The Town of Lincoln and Downtown Bench Beamsville are gearing up for another spectacular Lincoln Rerooted. It’s an opportunity for our community to come together, celebrate our community’s culture, heritage, growth and rebirth through an amazing line-up of activities throughout the day and night. 

Save the Date: Saturday Oct. 3, 2020
Time: The festivities will begin at 10 a.m. and will run until 10 p.m., at various locations across Lincoln

More details to follow. 

Doors Open Lincoln

Doors Open Lincoln - a Lincoln Rerooted Event

Lincoln  is opening its doors to the public to celebrate our history, heritage and local businesses. Come explore our roots!

Date: Oct. 5, 2019
Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 


    Bench Brewing 

    • 3991 King St., Vineland

    Bennett Hall

    • 4282 Mountain St., Beamsville

    Cosmic Plants

    Play Lincoln

    Play Lincoln Community Guide

    The Town of Lincoln is excited to share Play Lincoln, a semi-annual publication that highlights opportunities for you to get active and engage in and with the spaces, places and faces that make Lincoln a wonderful place to grow, prosper and belong.

    It is your guide to community activities, programming, schedules and events!

    Collections & Research

    Collections & Research

    Archival Material

    The Town of Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre has compiled its collection of archival material. You can now search our archives for artifacts like books, photographs, letters and even deeds and marriage licenses. Below you can access three different types of archival listings (PDF documents):