Program Guidelines

Commemorative Program Guidelines 


  • The Park Amenities Commemorative Program provides opportunities for families and friends to donate a park amenity with a plaque within the Town of Lincoln’s  parks and open spaces


  • Lincoln believes in providing opportunities to all applicants who wish to observe, acknowledge, or remember a significant historical event, occasion, or individual and to beautify a public space by purchasing a park amenity commemorative product


  • Commemorative products include:

    • Boardwalk Plaque
    • Site Furnishing (bench or picnic table)
    • Tree


  • The administrative component entails coordination, record keeping, and financial management by the Community Services department


  • The Park Amenities Commemorative Program is a self-funded cost recovery program including installation and maintenance
  • Amenity fees will reflect market value pricing inclusive of HST, installation and shipping and donors will be issued a receipt for their gift for tax purposes

Donation Requirements

  • Commemorative donations must meet the Town’s departmental standards both in specification and design to contribute to the aesthetic and enjoyment of public spaces
  • All commemorative products must meet AODA guidelines when applicable and no donations may interfere with the accessibility, maintenance or use of the designated public space
  • All commemorative products will become the property of the Town immediately upon their placement on municipal lands
  • The Town reserves the right to determine and limit the number of locations for commemorative products and a wait list may be required and maintained to control and balance inventory


  • Both the commemorative donation and any affixed plaques will be maintained to the Town’s standards for the lifecycle of the amenity (e.g. typically 10 to 15 years)
  • They will be removed when repair is no longer feasible (as determine by the Town) due to damage and deterioration from the natural elements or otherwise
  • The plaque will be given to the donor (or alternate contact if the donor cannot be located) when the amenity is removed at the end of its lifecycle
  •  In the event that the donor or the alternate contact cannot be located, the plaque will be stored at a Town facility for a period of three years, after which it will be re-purposed or destroyed


  • Requests will be accepted year round and residents will have the option of submitting requests through an online form
  • Amenities will be installed within a reasonable timeframe after the order for the amenity has been placed and depending on the time of year and seasonal weather conditions (approx. 2-4 months)
  • The installation of the amenity will typically occur between May and October due to limitations and or constraints with weather
  • The installation schedule is dependant on many factors so the Town cannot provide a specific installation date but will make reasonable efforts to install the amenity within the requested timeline and ensure ongoing communications with the donor to set and appropriately manage expectations
  • The donor agreement will remain null and void until both the Town representative and the donor sign the agreement and all fees have been paid in full
  • It is the commemorative donor’s responsibility to update the Town with respect to any changes to the personal contact information or alternate contact


  • The placement of the commemorative product will be in consultation with the donor and Town staff


  • All commemorative products accompanied by a plaque or inscription shall be consistent in size, shape, wording and materials
  • All wording will be approved by the Town in advance of purchase
  • The Town reserves the right to refuse any application that does not keep with the dignity or decorum of the public space


  • In the event of vandalism, the Town will make reasonable efforts to restore the amenity or the plaque back to its original state but will not replace either item
  • Live commemorative products (e.g. trees) will be warrantied for two years from the planting date, with no extra charge to the donor
  • Trees will be selected from an approved list


  • The Town reserves the right to relocate a commemorative product in the eventuality that such a move is necessary (e.g. recurrent vandalism, the location is scheduled for redevelopment or servicing upgrades, etc)


  • Should donors wish to host a commemorative ceremony or unveiling, all arrangements must be made with Community Services department
  • Such costs will be the responsibility of the donor
  • The placement of any mementos (e.g. wreaths, flowers, vases, pictures, etc.) near the commemorative product are not permitted


  • Requests that do not fit within the scope of these guidelines may be considered by Community Services Department staff if the request is considered beneficial to the Town as a whole


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