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Trees within our urban forest provide many benefits. They reduce stormwater runoff, clean the air, offer shade and can decrease heating and cooling costs. Maintenance is important for the overall health of trees.

Online Accounts

 Online Accounts

The Town of Lincoln now brings you the convenience of reviewing your accounts and transactions in a free, secure, environment from anywhere, at anytime for:

  • Property Taxes
  • Utility Bills (water & wastewater)
  • Vendor accounts receivable
  • Tax Certificates

Residents and vendors may start using Online Services by following these  5 simple steps.

2020 Capital Budget

Capital Budget Breakdown 

The 2020 budget supports a period of increasing growth in population, infrastructure management, community programming and park development that will peak over the next 10-12 years. In 2020 there are major construction projects supporting infrastructure upgrades to our community.

Temporary Speed Hump Survey - Garden Gate Terrace

Temporary Removable Speed Hump  - Garden Gate Terrace

The Town of Lincoln is looking for your input on the temporary speed hump that was installed on Garden Gate Terrace between Drake Avenue and Hartwood Drive.  The Town is requesting feedback to help determine the overall benefit and public acceptance of the temporary speed hump. This will help the Town determine whether or not a permanent speed hump should be considered or if other traffic calming measures should be evaluated.

Feedback Survey

Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization 

There are two issues related to cannabis/marijuana:

  1. New federal legalization for recreational use

  2. Medical marijuana facilities

The two issues are regulated differently at a federal, provincial, and municipal level. Below is information on the two issues, commonly requested information, and enforcement information.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana 


  • Personal medical use in public spaces is the same as recreational use, listed above, and regulated by the Smoke Free Ontario Act and Regional By-law
  • Licensing and compliance to regulations of growing facilities belongs to the federal government
  • However, oversight of the regulations from federal and provincial perspective is multi jurisdictional to include Health Canada and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) - Environmental Management Branch

High Heat Alerts

Heat Alerts

Environment Canada issues heat alerts when:

  • The humidex is 40°C or higher for two consecutive days

  • Daily temperatures are expected to reach 31°C or higher and overnight temperatures are at least 20°C or higher, for two consecutive days