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Cannabis Legalization and Medical Marijuana Facilities

Cannabis Legalization & Medical Marijuana Facilities

There are two issues related to cannabis/marijuana:

  1. New federal legalization for recreational use
  2. Medical marijuana facilities 

The two issues are regulated differently at a federal, provincial, and municipal level. Below is information on the two issues, commonly requested information, and enforcement information. 

Property Standards By-Law Appeal Notice Form

Property Standards By-Law Appeal Notice Form

The Appeal Notice must be received on or before the final due date for appeal with a copy of the order and applicable fee. Please provide a copy of the order and the fee by mail OR deliver in person to:

Town of Lincoln
Attention: Secretary Treasurer Property Standards
Committee/Committee of Adjustments 
4800 South Service Road
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B1

Please Note:

  • You must include the non-refundable appeal fee of $400. Cheques or money orders are payable to the Town of Lincoln. Do not send cash in the mail. 
  • Should the Appeal Notice be received after the deadline to appeal, it will not be processed. 
Appellant Information
Appeal Information


The Administrative Monetary Penalty System

What is AMPS:

  • It is an efficient process for collecting, appealing and paying penalties associated with non-compliance of a By-law, Regulation or Act

  • It uses a compliance-based approach, not criminal in nature, adopted by municipalities across Ontario

Inflow & Infiltration

Inflow and infiltration


  • The flow of storm water into the sanitary sewer system from sources such as downspouts and illegal sump pump connections through direct or indirect connections


  •  The flow of water into the sanitary sewer system through aged or defective pipes and/or maintenance chambers (i.e. cracks, defective joints, etc.) through soil (both groundwater and rainwater).

Public Works Week 2018

Public Works Week 2018

May 20 marks the first day of National Public Works Week. This is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and crucial skills of the Town of Lincoln's public works department. They are the foundation of our community! Read on or watch the video below to learn more about why they are so important.

Participate in the celebrations - attend the third annual Touch a Truck event!

Parking Ticket Payment

Parking Ticket Payment

Parking tickets can be paid online (24/7) or in-person at Town Hall during business hours of Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  

Online Payment

Online payment is through Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service, that accepts Visa or MasterCard. A convenience fee will be charged.


Summer Day Camps

Summer Camp 

Our Summer Day Camps consist of fun days filled with crafts, active and co-operative games, environmental activities, music, movies, friendship focused sports and much more!

To Register:

Lincoln Residents 

  • Starting Thursday April 26, 2018 - 6 p.m

  • Register online or at the Fleming Centre

Open to Everyone 

Lincoln Public Library

Lincoln Public Library operates two branches which provide informational, educational and recreational services for all residents. Visit the library for fun activities and events happening all year round, call for details and registration!

Lincoln Public Library Fleming Branch

5020 Serena Drive
Beamsville, Ontario
Tel: 905-563-7014
Fax: 905 563-1810 

Reporting Potholes, Streetlights & Damaged Signs

Report a Pothole, Streetlight Issue, or Damaged Street Sign Form

The Town regularly patrols our roads to identify any concerns relating to road conditions and safety. Our municipality is geographically large and at times, issues can arise without warning. We appreciate residents assisting by reporting a:

  • Pothole
  • Streetlight Problem
  • Damaged Street Sign

If the damaged street sign is a STOP sign this is an immediate safety issue. Please call Town Hall immediately during office hours or the emergency number for roads after hours. 

Personal information collected in the form below is collected pursuant the Municipal Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the purpose of responding to the submission.

Please complete the form below. A staff will be in contact.