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What is property tax based on?

Your property tax is based on the value of your property determined by the Provincial Government’s Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and the Municipal tax rate.

Lincoln’s tax bill accounts for three agencies. In addition to the Town of Lincoln's portion (36%) of the tax bill, property taxes pay for the delivery of community programs and services by Niagara Region (including waste) (51%) and the school boards (13%).

The impact to property taxes is a combination of these three agencies, but Lincoln only controls approximately 1/3 of your tax bill. 

Therefore, household impact is based on all three agencies & your property assessment (overseen by MPAC).

Reminder for 2022 payment:

Tax Bill

Mailing Date

Due Dates


First week of February    

February 28, 2022 and April 29, 2022


First week of July   

July 29, 2022 and Sept. 30, 2022


Tax Certificates

  • A tax certificate is a statement of the status of taxes, which is strongly recommended when buying or selling a property, showing outstanding taxes or arrears and includes any water/wastewater charges owing.
  • Tax certificates are $53 (including all applicable taxes) per roll number and anyone can request one. Tax verbals are not provided at any time.
  • To obtain a tax certificate, please complete the Property Information Request Form (Tax Certificate Requests) and forward it to the Town of Lincoln Municipal Offices with the required fee.

Duplicate Tax Receipts/Statement of Account

  • A fee of $10 will be charged for a duplicate receipt or statement of account.

Change of Mailing Address

  • If the property has changed ownership, send the tax bill to the new owner or return it to the Tax Department, indicating to whom the transfer of title has been made.
  • To prevent misdirected tax bills, please advise the Tax Department in writing of any mailing address changes.
  • Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse payment of taxes and could result in penalty and interest charges of 1.25% per month applied to unpaid accounts.
  • Please complete the Change of Mailing Address Form and forward it to the Town of Lincoln to the attention of the Tax Clerk.
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