Grow Prosper Belong Community Fund

Grow Prosper Belong Community Fund

The Grow Prosper Belong Community Fund provides community groups with assistance for short-term undertakings where a grant is required for project-based activities, with an identified start-up and completion date.

The project/program must be held in the year the grant is awarded. Project funding allows community groups to be eligible for up to a maximum of 50% of the total operating costs of the project.

2019 applications are now closed.



Those submitting a grant application are encouraged to read the entire policy that is available online. Below are highlights for reference.

Funding Eligibility

An applicant organization must meet the following criteria in order to be considered to receive funds:

  • Not-for-profit, community organizations
  • Be located and conduct the majority of activities within geographic boundaries of Lincoln
  • Only one application per organization/project is permitted
  • Demonstrated sound financial management and good standing with the Town
  • Funding requests can be defined as events/projects/programs that support, sustain, promote, inform, educate, celebrate, preserve, and/or provide access to the arts, culture, environment, social, heritage, recreation and/or health activities
  • Demonstrate provision of services and programs in an effective, accessible, equitable and inclusive manner
  • Demonstrate active sustainability efforts to support the continuation of a program, project or service. Municipal funding should not be considered as the primary source of funding
  • Demonstrate need for financial assistance and that funding from other sources is not available
  • Must spend funding on the sole purpose for which it was awarded within the current fiscal year
  • Preference will be given to community organizations that demonstrate positive impact to residents, efficient use of resources, sound business practices and develop volunteer knowledge, skills and self-reliance

Funding Ineligibility

The Town will not fund:

  • For-profit organizations/businesses or individuals
  • Organizations and/or activities of a political nature
  • Organizations where the service component is conditional upon participation in the religious activities or the organization
  • Regional, provincial and national events
  • Travel expenses for teams to compete outside of Lincoln
  • Hospitals, clinic-based services or medical treatment programs
  • Fundraising events: events where the sole purpose of the organization is to raise funds
  • Organizations that conduct the majority of their activities outside of Lincoln
  • Costs for major capital equipment/renovations and minor renovations; and financing of deficits
  • Activities benefiting the organization members only
  • Direct remuneration of employees or core operating costs
  • Funding will not be provided for accumulated deficits or funding shortfalls of any organization. Financial assistance consideration is based only on budget revenues and expenditures in the year for which the assistance is requested.
  • Fee waivers, travel or accommodation, uniforms, personal equipment, consultant costs, food, beverage or alcohol, and borrowing costs
  • Organizations who have failed to provide satisfactory reports, including financial statements, as to the success of the previous year and specifically with respect to the allocation of funds

Maximum Contribution

No community organization shall receive more than 25% of the Town’s overall annual approved grant funding.


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