Volunteer Opportunities

Lend a Helping Hand

The Town of Lincoln offers many great volunteer opportunities! Whether you are looking to obtain community service hours or you just want to help out, there is something for you to do here.

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Summer Volunteers (Ages 13-16)  

Camp Volunteers

  • Volunteers may join us at camp for a maximum of two weeks
  • Volunteers will be contacted in June by the Summer Camp Coordinator and be required to attend an interview and orientation session

Pool Volunteers

  • Volunteers must have completed Swim 10 / Swimmer 6 or Bronze Medallion and be 13yrs of age 
  • Volunteers will be contacted by a Head Guard in June

Community Events

The Town of Lincoln hosts a number of community events throughout the year (e.g., Canada Day, Tree Lighting). Volunteers are appreciated to make these events even more special! 


Additional Volunteer Opportunities 

Visit the INcommunities volunteer database to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the community.  

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