Road Rehabilitation Program - 2021

Road Rehabilitation Program

The 2021 Road Rehabilitation Program focuses on addressing roads in poor condition as well as keeping good roads good, by actively maintaining the pavement. This balanced approach works to repair deteriorated roads while preventing the deterioration of good roads in the future - keeping the good roads good while not forgetting about the bad roads.

A total of 15 km of roads will be the focus of the 2021 program. During all stages of the rehabilitation process, roads will remain open.

Road Rehabilitation efforts will include:

  • Replacement of culverts that are currently failing, or have potential to fail in the near future
  • Primary focus on cross culverts under roadways
  • Rehabilitation of various rural roads using Single Surface Treatment, Double Surface Treatment, or Bonded Wearing Course rehabilitation methods

Selected Roads for 2021 Program

Single Surface Treatment:

  • Bethesda Road – Dutch Lane to Campden Road
  • Honsberger Avenue – Thirteenth Street to Fairlane Road

Double Surface Treatment:

  • Spiece Road – South End to Fly Road
  • Yonge Street – Dutch Lane to Tintern Road
  • Frost Road – Spring Creek Road to Fly Road
  • Honsberger Avenue – Jordan Road to Thirteenth Street

Bonded Wearing Course:

  • Thirteenth Street - King Street to Fourth Avenue

What to Expect

Culvert replacements will take place prior to road rehabilitation. Once culverts are replaced, roads receiving double surface treatment and bonded wearing course will be pulverized and graded. These roads will then receive a layer of granular material to form a new, solid road base. At this stage, the roads will be ready to receive their double surface treatment, or bonded wearing course, to seal the new road base. Single surface treated roads will not require any additional work, other than a layer of single surface treatment to seal the existing road surface.

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