Roadside Mowing Program

Roadside Growth Maintenance  

The Town of Lincoln provides roadside mowing along shoulders three times a year in rural areas of the Town.

2019 Proposed Schedule (Weather Permitting)

  • First cut: May 21 - June 7
  • Second cut: June 10 - July 5
  • 3rd cut: Sept. 2 - Sept. 27


  • Preserve driver and biker sight lines

  • Allow for positive surface drainage from road to adjacent ditches
  • Improve the overall appearance and tidiness of the roadside

Difference between first, second and third cuts

  • The first and second cuts include the front of the ditch only (from the centre of the ditch to the road's edge)

  • The third cut includes the front AND back sides of the ditch (from the centre of the ditch to the slope of the ditch on the property owner’s side)

How wide is the cut? 

  • There is only one tractor that is used for roadside mowing, therefore, the width of the cut varies depending on how accessible the roadside is for the tractor


For more information or questions please contact Town Hall and direct your inquiry to the Public Works Department. 

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