Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit

The Town of Lincoln's special event permit:

  • Ensures events provide a safe experience for the community and minimizes risk & liability to event organizer

  • Increases coordination of Town services & other applicable agencies (e.g. Public Health) for your event

  • Ensures success of your event and minimize disruption to community and/or surrounding residents
  • Minimizes confusion & try to assist all parties

A Special Event is:

An organized, one-time, annual, or infrequent gathering or function involving one or more of the following:

  • A gathering on private property
  • More than 150 people or guests
  • Putting up a temporary structure (e.g., tent intended to host guests)
  • Consists of several separate activities at multiple locations
  • Available to the community at large
  • Amplified music

Note: Please call Town Hall if you’re unclear whether your event is considered a ‘special event’ before you begin the application process. Staff are happy to provide guidance to the event organizer.

Special Event Permit:

  • $75 application fee
  • Must be submitted 30 days prior to event
  • Can apply for a number of the same events at one location
  • Events serving alcohol require a Special Occasions Permit (“SOP”), please refer to AGCO requirements

Be prepared. Applicable documents and permits you may need:

Other permits or documents:

For more information call 905-563-2799 ext. 241 

Examples of Special Events

This list is intended to only be examples. Please refer to the Special Events Guidelines above for full considerations. 

Special Event

table outlining examples of what is considered a special event

Not a Special Event

table outlining examples of what is considered not a special event


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