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2020 Budget

2020 Budget

Have your say & help shape the 2020 budget. Survey closes Oct. 18, 2019.

Lincoln continues to be one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara. Affordability for our residents and businesses remains a focus in all decision-making. Lincoln remains the 2nd lowest in property taxes as a % of household income. Lincoln remains the 4th lowest in property taxes + water/wastewater as a % of household income.

Service structure: 

2019 State of Lincoln Address

2019 State of Lincoln Address

Thank you to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for hosting this annual Mayor’s Luncheon. It is truly a privilege to have this opportunity to talk about the community we all are so proud to call home.

Let me ask you a question. What would happen if we were all blunt and used straight talk when we said what was on our minds every day?

Imagine how much less wondering there would be if leaders were forthright about their beliefs and intentions?

I’ll come back to this later.

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Connect with Us!

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Niagara Adapts

Niagara Adapts

Niagara Adapts is a partnership designed to build innovative climate solutions right here in Niagara. By leveraging resources and expertise from seven municipalities in the Niagara region and Brock University’s Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, the partnership supports collaborative climate change adaptation assessment, planning and implementation.

Regional Government Review

Provincial Review of Regional Governments Across Ontario

The provincial government announced on Jan. 15, 2019, that they have undertaken a process to review regional governments across the province. 

The purpose of the review is to ensure that regional governments (including the Niagara Region) and member municipalities (including Lincoln) across Ontario are working effectively and efficiently, and continue to provide the essential services that our communities rely on.

2019 Capital Budget

Capital Budget Breakdown 

The 2019 Capital Budget continues to invest across our entire community.

This year, the investment is focused on environment & safety and transportation infrastructure.

The overall impact to the tax levy for capital is approximately $1.34 million.

Request a Proclamation

Requesting a Proclamation

Proclamations are ceremonial documents issued and signed by the Mayor to recognize the value and importance of a person, event, campaign, or organization for a certain day, week, or month. These proclamations are an official announcement issued by the Mayor at Council. Acknowledgement is normally given to reward the efforts and commitment of individuals or organizations that enhance our community and are significant to Lincoln residents. Proclamations will be included in the Council Agenda for the month proclaimed.


  • Submission must be received 4 weeks in advance of the Council meeting - late submissions will not be considered
  • Request must be submitted by representatives of a recognized charity or community group based in the municipality of Lincoln 
  • Will be issued only with respect to activities that support residents of Lincoln or related events taking place in the municipality including:
    • Public awareness campaigns
    • Charitable fundraising campaigns
    • Arts and cultural celebrations or awareness 
    • Honours, remembrances, or major celebrations
    • Special anniversaries for non-profit organizations that benefit the community of Lincoln

Please Note:

  • Individuals and organization seeking proclamations to recognize regional, provincial, or national causes or events will be referred to the other appropriate order of government recognition
  • The Town of Lincoln reserves the right to decline any request

Notice of Collection
Personal information contained on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c. 25 and will be used for the purposes of administering your request for a proclamation. 

To request a proclamation please compete the form below. 

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