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Whipple Trust Fund Application

The deadline to apply is 4:00 p.m. on March 16, 2018. 

2018 Election Focus Group Application Form


Town of Lincoln Website and Social Media Disclaimer Statement


The Town of Lincoln ("The Town") is committed to operating its website as an effective method of communication with interested users. The Town will adhere to all legislation regarding privacy and freedom of information which apply to it, which may result in significant disclosures of the information contained in users' comments or messages, as is a risk normal to the use of social networking sites.

Your Property Taxes & Budget

On your Town property tax bill, you see a blended tax rate. This means that while Lincoln sets a certain tax rate increase, it is only on the Town’s portion of your tax bill. The diagram below shows the breakdown or blend of taxes.

Breakdown of taxes:

  • Lincoln’s portion 35.4%
  • Niagara Region’s portion 50.4% (Region & Region waste)
  • Education 14.2%

How are property tax rates calculated?

Assessed value of your property X tax rate set for your property class = property tax

2018 Capital Budget

2018 Capital Budget Overview

The capital budget has the common goal of balancing the immediate and future needs, with consideration of affordability.  Capital projects and assets include such things as vehicles, roads, bridges, watermains, buildings, vehicles, and equipment. 

2018 Budget Planning

What are the benefits of Budget Planning?

Budgets are an important guide that dictates spending and planning for the coming year. 

Other considerations:

  • Legislated/Mandated: We need to do it – other funding available
  • Growth/Strategic: Required to support growth or accomplish strategic projects – DC’s, grants, partnerships, etc.
  • Service Delivery: How we deliver services, efficiencies, prioritization of work, scheduling