Coronavirus Response

Visit our COVID-19 webpage for information to assist you about Town of Lincoln services and/or resources available to you.

Town Hall

Social Support Services

Social Support Services 

It is a time of unusual circumstances in our country and globally. We can all feel a bit overwhelmed at time with the information circulating, the changing information, the effects to our economy & ourselves, and the uncertainty.

The Town is providing a list of resources available to citizens to assist you in finding answers to questions for other agencies or jurisdictions. It is not an exhaustive list, but an effort to assist you. As new information becomes available, the Town will update this page. Check back often.

Health Advice

Niagara Region Public Health

Niagara Region Public Health is leading the community response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Public Health updates their website on a regular basis and should be used as the source of credible information for:

Lincoln's Response to Coronavirus

Lincoln's Response to Coronavirus 

The Town of Lincoln has an operational guideline for appropriately managing a response to any emergency situation that occurs within, or causes an impact within, its municipal boundaries. This plan has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to any emergency or crisis situation that may affect Lincoln and meets the requirements for a municipal emergency response plan in accordance with provincial legislation.

Mayor's Update Newsletter

Mayor's Update

The Mayor's Update is a newsletter highlighting:

  • Timely items being deliberated or decisions related to public policy
  • Investment projects in our community
  • Mayor and Council in the community
  • Important municipal business updates
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Lincoln's 50th Anniversary

Lincoln's 50th Birthday!

Lincoln’s story began in 1969 when three communities voted to become Lincoln. So, our journey as a community all started on Jan. 1, 1970 when Beamsville and the Townships of Clinton & most of Louth amalgamated. The preferred name was Lincoln.

Our one Lincoln now contains the communities & hamlets of Beamsville, Jordan, Vineland, Campden, Rockway & Tintern.

2020 Budget

2020 Budget

Budget Overview

Lincoln is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara. We have a responsibility to our community to deliver high-quality services efficiently and cost-consciously.

2020 Budget Planning

2020 Budget

Lincoln continues to be one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara. Affordability for our residents and businesses remains a focus in all decision-making. Lincoln remains the 2nd lowest in property taxes as a % of household income. Lincoln remains the 4th lowest in property taxes + water/wastewater as a % of household income.

The 2020 Budget planning focused on growth & development - infrastructure, service delivery, and programs & services. The Town also continues to invest in basic services.

Service structure: