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2020 Budget

2020 Budget

Budget Overview

Lincoln is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara. We have a responsibility to our community to best deliver services at a high level and do so efficiently and cost-consciously.

Age-Friendly Lincoln Survey

Age-Friendly Lincoln Survey

The Town of Lincoln’s Age-Friendly Citizen Advisory Committee is striving to make our community a place to belong for all ages.  We are very appreciative of the time you have taken and are extremely grateful for you contributing your valuable time, your honest information, and your thoughtful suggestions. 

The survey closed on Jan. 18, 2020.

2020 Budget Planning

2020 Budget

Lincoln continues to be one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara. Affordability for our residents and businesses remains a focus in all decision-making. Lincoln remains the 2nd lowest in property taxes as a % of household income. Lincoln remains the 4th lowest in property taxes + water/wastewater as a % of household income.

The 2020 Budget planning focused on growth & development - infrastructure, service delivery, and programs & services. The Town also continues to invest in basic services.

Service structure: 

Niagara Adapts

Niagara Adapts

Niagara Adapts is a partnership designed to build innovative climate solutions right here in Niagara. By leveraging resources and expertise from seven municipalities in the Niagara region and Brock University’s Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, the partnership supports collaborative climate change adaptation assessment, planning and implementation.


Regional Government Review

Provincial Review of Regional Governments Across Ontario

The provincial government process to review regional governments across the province has been completed. 

The purpose of the review was to ensure that regional governments (including the Niagara Region) and member municipalities (including Lincoln) across Ontario are working effectively and efficiently, and continue to provide the essential services that our communities rely on.

2019 Capital Budget

Capital Budget Breakdown 

The 2019 Capital Budget continues to invest across our entire community.

This year, the investment is focused on environment & safety and transportation infrastructure.

The overall impact to the tax levy for capital is approximately $1.34 million.