Truck Safety

Truck Safety


On April 15, 2019 Council passed a resolution regarding truck safety in Lincoln.  The motion identified a number of concerns related to truck traffic and identified a number of action items to address. Staff will continue to work closely with the Niagara Region, NRPS, MTO and other agencies on multi-stakeholder and multi-agency strategies to ensure improving truck safety remains a high priority for Lincoln.

Action Items:

Motion Action Item Progress to Date
1. That the Town of Lincoln formally provide support and continue to advocate with the Region, other Local Area
  • August 2020 AMO Delegation – Council met with the Minister of Transportation and Minister of Francophone Affairs, Caroline Mulroney, along with the Town of Grimsby, Township of West Lincoln and the Niagara Region to seek provincial support on this important project for West Niagara being the new Escarpment Crossing (Extension of Bartlett Avenue / Park Road Corridor to Mud Street)  
  • The Niagara Region has included funding in their 2020 budget to start an Individual Environmental Assessment (IEA) Study for this significant project 
    • Terms of reference for IEA under development and is being reviewed considering the recent provincial changes to modernizing the EA process
    • Tender process for EA consultant targeted for release in 2021
2. That the Town of Lincoln explore the elimination and prohibition of all trucks/tractor-trailers completely on Mountain Street, and should that not be feasible, that the Town of Lincoln investigate the elimination of those vehicles that exceed 53 feet, have “live bottoms and/or pups” on Mountain Street
  • As part of the Beamsville Truck Bypass Implementation Study, restriction and enforcement options are going to be further evaluated at the intersection of Mountain Street and King Street
  • Lincoln’s new Site Alteration Bylaw helps give the Town more control over dedicated haul routes 
  • Quarry stakeholder partners continue to help educate their drivers to use the preferred truck route at Mountain Street and Fly Road towards Victoria Avenue
3. That the Town of Lincoln investigate with Niagara Region the possibility of assumption of Mountain Street
  • Niagara Region intends to transfer Mountain Street to the Town once the new Escarpment Crossing is implemented 
4. That the Town of Lincoln request the Niagara Region to designate Mountain Street as a community safety zone as soon as possible
  • The Region has advised that Mountain Street is on their list to be considered with the next phase of their Community Safety Zone Program
  • In 2019, the Region established a community safety zone along Victoria Ave from King St to Fredrick Ave
5. That the Town of Lincoln continue to work closely with NRPS, MTO and other agencies on multi-stakeholder and multi-agency strategies to ensure adherence to speed and weights within the Town of Lincoln, including a request for more speed enforcement
  • The Town hosted a successful truck safety inspection blitz on October 14th at the Hinan Drive Public Works Yard in partnership with the Niagara Regional Police (NRP) Traffic Enforcement Unit, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Enforcement Division & the Halton Regional Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit.  Please refer to Appendix B for the results of the truck blitz.
  • A successful truck safety inspection blitz was conducted on June 23rd, 2020 across west Niagara by MTO & NRP, Halton Police & the OPP.   
  • The NRP have been very supportive in helping to facilitate truck safety inspections
  • he Town will continue to collaborate with the NRP & MTO for more frequent truck safety inspection blitzes in the community 
6. That scale avoidance enforcement blitzes begin as soon as possible with a focus on Jordan Road, south from QEW, Victoria Avenue and all other roads deemed vulnerable to scale avoidance
  • In discussions with MTO on the potential of using innovative monitoring technology to improve targeted enforcement for scale avoidance short cutting
  • MTO has confirmed that they patrol for this situation
  • Town staff have established frequent working meetings with our quarry stakeholders to discuss ways to work together on patrolling initiatives  
7. That immediately following the receipt and approval of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP), staff come to the Community Services and Infrastructure Committee with both short and long term strategies
  • The Town’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) recommended that the Town implement a truck route bypass around the downtown and urban area of Beamsville using Bartlett Road and Durham Road routing trucks to the South Service Road & QEW
    • The Town in partnership with the Niagara Region issued a term of reference for the Beamsville Truck Bypass Implementation Study and received bid proposals on November 2nd
    • Both the Town and the Region will be reviewing the bid submissions to retain a traffic engineering consultant to initiate the study late Q4
8. That the Town of Lincoln request regular safety checks including weighing and inspections through MTO
  • The Town will continue to collaborate with NRP & MTO for more frequent truck safety inspection blitzes
9. That the Town of Lincoln provide support and advocate to the Niagara Region for the implementation of specific enforcement measures (i.e. traffic/safety cameras or increased police enforcement) at Mountain and Regional Road 81 (King St.)
  • Niagara Region implemented a 1-year Pilot Monitoring Program using innovative technology at Mountain Street/King Street and King Street/Ontario Street 
    • collecting data as it relates to all conflicts at these two intersections across all modes of travel
    • Region will share reports and data findings when the pilot is complete.  
  • The Region is working with NRP for continued enforcement
  • Late 2019 the Region implemented traffic calming measures on Mountain Street including a permanent flashing 50km/hr. speed sign and strategic line painting to remind trucks to reduce speed prior to approaching the urban area of Beamsville
10. That the Town of Lincoln monitor these changes if/when they are implemented and furthermore, as part of the monitoring work, note any impacts in the outer limits and/or rural roads with the Town
  • The Town is piloting monitoring technology to better collect truck traffic data on local roads in order to trend and identify areas of concern for more focused follow up


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