Age-Friendly Advisory Committee

Age-Friendly Advisory Committee

Making our community a place to belong for all ages


  • To create a vibrant, healthy and diverse community where quality of life, inclusivity and aging well is supported through all stages of life.


We believe:

  • Everyone has an equal voice and is treated with dignity and respect

  • All ages are important contributing members of our community

Our Committee

  • The Age Friendly Advisory Committee is a group of residents, Town of Lincoln Councillors, and staff representatives who believe that the Town of Lincoln is, and should remain a place for residents of all ages to thrive, contribute, and feel excited to call their home 
  • Citizens on the committee represent a broad range of age groups, backgrounds and all of Lincoln’s unique communities

Our Philosophy

  • Brought together by a shared passion for the town we call home, and the people who live here, the committee is excited to spend the next four years finding ways to ensure that the lives of residents improve as the community continues to grow
  • We believe that all ages are important contributing members of our community and deserve respect and dignity

Our Approach, Responsibilities & Plan

Focusing on key aspects such as accessibility, inclusion, recreation and civic participation, the committee strives to connect with members of the community

The key to good planning is evidence-based. The Committee will focus on community research and facilitating collaboration between external agencies and the numerous programs already available within the town. 

Areas of an Age-Friendly Community:

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings

  • Transportation

  • Housing

  • Social participation

  • Respect and social inclusion

  • Civic participation

  • Communication and information

  • Community support and health services

Mandate of Committee:

  • Serve as a liaison between the community and the Town on matters pertaining to age-friendly

  • Residents, local community groups and non-government organizations on age-friendly issues

  • Collaborate with other internal and external agencies (i.e. Age-Friendly Niagara) to achieve the Town’s age friendly mandate and goals.

  • Provide advice and research on the state of Lincoln’s age-friendliness, in cooperation with other organizations where appropriate

  • Developing Strong Communities – recognizes the connection between health and well-being with the built and natural environment, public spaces, transportation, housing, and social climate, and recreational programming

  • Respect and Inclusion – recognizes that all citizens are vital members of the community and responds to the needs of all citizens in a fair and equitable way, ensuring access to life supports and community resources

  • Community Engagement in Decision Making – actively and intentionally includes older adults in all aspects of decision making



Voting or Non-voting

David Brown Voting
Ann Chartier Voting
Brian Jones Voting
Thomas Lewis (Vice-chair) Voting
Juan Miranda Voting

Charlotte Sheridan (Chair)

Councillor Paul MacPherson Non-voting
Councillor Lynn Timmers Non-voting
Lori Laird (staff) Non-voting
Legislative Services Support  Non-voting



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