Ward System

The purpose of a ward system is:

  • To ensure that fair public representation is achieved during municipal elections and the governance of a municipality by Council

How does it work in Lincoln? 

  • Within the Town of Lincoln, four wards have been established by Council 
  • Each of the four wards contains two electors
  • For election purposes, each ward is further subdivided into polling subdivisions to streamline the voting process
  • The Mayor of the Town of Lincoln is elected “at-large” by all eligible electors (in all wards) of the Town of Lincoln
  • The remaining eight Members of Council are elected on a ward basis
  • The Town is divided into four geographic wards 
  • Eligible electors in each of those wards elect two candidates to sit as Members of Council to represent their ward, as well as the greater interests of the Corporation of the Town of Lincoln

The Town's ward boundaries are depicted below or via the interactive CommunityPal map:

To access the online map please read these directions:

  1. Click on this link
  2. Once you are at CommunityPal, in the top right hand corner is the "layers"
  3. in the layers, click on Ward Boundaries
  4. You can zoom in and out to best view your Ward



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