Parks & Trails

The Town of Lincoln offers on and off-road walking trails, multi-use trials, connections to local, regional, provincial and national trail systems. Residents and visitors can plan their trip or route using the Town's Trails and Bikeways System Map.

If relaxing is more your idea of fun, visit one of our beautiful neighbourhood & community parks or greenspaces.

New Leash Free Dog Park

  • The Town of Lincoln launched a leash free dog park in September 2019 as part of a one-year pilot project
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Play Safe, Have Fun & Stay Healthy

Information for safe play at Lincoln's playgrounds during COVID-19

Lincoln’s outdoor playgrounds are now open. Follow these important tips to keep yourself, your family, and others safe.

  • Wash your hands before you leave your home & when you return
  • Stay two metres (6 ft) away from those outside of your social circle
  • Bring water, hat, sunscreen & hand sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer before & after playground use.
  • If the playground is busy, leave and try visiting another time
  • Do not come to the park if you are feeling sick or if you’ve been in contact with anyone feeling sick. Stay home.

If the playground is busy, try these alternative activities:

  • Bring your own outdoors equipment to the playground with you such as a soccer ball, basketball, skipping ropes and frisbees and use the surrounding greenspace
  • Go on a scavenger hunt throughout the greenspace and your neighborhood. Collect items such as leaves, flowers, sticks and pinecones to create outdoor art projects later
  • Play with chalk - Create running races, obstacles courses (e.g., do 10 jumping jacks, jog on the spot, hop on 1 foot & then switch feet etc.), target games and board games with chalk
  • Have family relay running races and try different variations – crab walking, leaping like a frog, walking backwards etc.
  • Create a backyard obstacle course. Collect different sports equipment that you have around your home such as hockey sticks, baseball bats, skipping ropes, soccer balls, pool noodles, pylons and more to create your own obstacle course!


Attending a Town of Lincoln Event at one of our Parks or Facilities?

Consent & Release of Photography, Video or Sound Recordings

When attending Town of Lincoln-led special events, please note that photographs, video or sound recordings may be taken. These images will be used to promote the Town of Lincoln and its activities, services or programs.

By attending, you grant permission to the Town of Lincoln and persons acting for or through them, now and forever, the right to use, reproduce and / or distribute images, sound recordings and video recordings on the Town of Lincoln website, social media outlets, and print publications. The photographs, video and sound recordings may be used for an indefinite period of time.

(Please note the above statement will also be posted at the event.)

Please contact if you have any concerns. 

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